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KPMG Visit Sheffield for a Testing Showcase Event

posted Apr 21, 2015, 3:43 AM by Anthony Simons
On Monday 20 April 2015, the Advanced Computing Research Centre in Sheffield hosted a software testing showcase event for representatives from KPMG, the global accountancy and financial services company.  The visitors were Daryl Elfield, Director of Testing Services at KPMG, and his colleagues James McDiarmid and Ryan Sandilands.  The visitors were treated to a series of presentations and demonstrations of the University of Sheffield's ground-breaking software testing technologies, including the Broker@Cloud software service testing tools.  The presentations included:
  • Phil McMinn:  Search-based software testing
  • Kirill Bogdanov:  Reverse-engineering models from traces
  • Anthony Simons:  Model-based testing for cloud services
Demonstrations were given of the following tools:
  • Gordon Fraser:  the EvoSuite evolutionary testing tool for Java
  • Phil McMinn:  the IGUANA evolutionary testing tool for C
  • Anthony Simons:  the Broker@Cloud verification and testing tool suite
  • Kirill Bogdanov:  the StateChum reverse engineering and testing tool
  • Mat Hall:  the SUMO tool for supervised software re-modularisation
  • Anthony Simons:  the JWalk lazy systematic unit testing tool for Java
  • Phil McMinn:  the SchemaAnalyst tool for data schema regression testing
  • Thomas Walsh:  a tool for testing desktop-to-mobile UI transformations
After a pie-and-pea lunch, Daryl Elfield gave an inspirational lecture to a first-year student class in software engineering.  His comments at the end of the day were that Sheffield had unique strengths in the UK for its software testing research; and that this was highly attractive to KPMG.  An initial arrangement was drawn up for collaboration between KPMG Testing Services and the Advanced Computing Research Centre.

Daryl ElfieldJames McDiarmid
Daryl Elfield, Director of Testing Services, KPMG.
James McDiarmid, Principal Consultant, KPMG.