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Guest Lecture at CloudCAST

posted Jan 22, 2015, 12:54 AM by Anthony Simons   [ updated Jan 22, 2015, 1:27 AM ]
Anthony Simons gave a guest lecture on the theme: "What is Cloud Computing", to the assembled international consortium from CloudCAST, on 12 November 2014. CloudCAST is a Leverhulme Trust funded project, whose aim is to develop Clinical and Educational Aspects of Speech Technology and deploy these in the Cloud. The partners include the Speech and Hearing Research Group of the Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, the University of Toronto, the University of the West Indies and AIAS Bologna. None of the rest of the consortium had any prior experience of Cloud computing, so this introductory lecture proved useful. It has led to an ongoing collaboration, in which expertise from Broker@Cloud will be transferred to CloudCAST, in the training of a researcher and in establishing budgets for purchasing Cloud resources for distributing the collected applications in speech technology and data collection mechanisms.

The vision of the CloudCAST project is to provide a way in which rapid developments in machine learning and speech technology can be placed in the hands of professionals who deal with speech problems, such as therapists, pathologists, teachers, and assistive technology experts.  The project will achieve this by creating a free-of-charge, remotely-located, internet-based resource in the Cloud which will provide a set of software tools for personalised speech recognition, diagnosis, interactive spoken language learning and similar applications.  The beneficiaries will include patients suffering from various kinds of speech disorder.