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Cloud Service Brokerage - 2014: Towards the Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

posted Sep 24, 2014, 1:32 AM by Anthony Simons
We are pleased to report that the joint Broker@Cloud and PaaSage workshop CSB-2014 was held successfully on Tuesday 2 September, co-located with ESOCC 2014 in Manchester, the historic home of the computer.  This second workshop in the CSB series highlighted the role of model-driven engineering for the deployment of cloud services across different platforms and infrastructure; and the use of frameworks for wrapping and isolating differences between platforms and providers.  The workshop also looked at game-theoretic incentives in service composition and how to verify and test single and composed services.  It also looked at machine readable descriptors and rules for controlling the governance and scaling of cloud services.  CSB-2014 was the largest of the ESOCC workshops, consisting of three sessions and nine accepted papers.  

The workshop attracted around 20 participants, including the main conference chair, Dr Kung-Kiu Lau, who remarked afterwards that many of the papers were good enough to have been accepted in the main ESOCC conference.  A dialogue was begun over the nature of service composition and different strategies necessary to verify and test compositions, under different assumptions about the semantics of composition.  This will hopefully lead to future collaboration between Sheffield and Manchester.

The whole day consisted of a keynote speech by Simon Moser (IBM) about progress made starting from the TOSCA specification and leading to IBM's adoption of CloudFoundry as the basis for its BlueMix cloud offering.  This was followed by the three workshop sessions entitled:  "Towards the Multi-Cloud Ecosystem", "Service Composition - Verification and Testing" and "Service Description - Rules and Reasoning".  The day concluded with a welcome reception in Manchester Museum, which was opposite the Computer Science Department's building.  We thank all the participants and attendees for attending and making this a really stimulating day.

Please see the CSB-2014 website: for further information.

Anthony Simons
Alessandro Rossini
Iraklis Paraskakis
Jens Jensen