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Cloud Service Brokerage - 2013

posted Mar 4, 2014, 4:16 AM by Anthony Simons   [ updated Apr 10, 2014, 8:23 AM ]
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The first workshop on Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB-2013) with a focus on Methods and Mechanisms was held successfully on 2 December, 2013, in the historic city of Berlin.  The workshop, one of several making up the programme of the 11th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2013), was organised and hosted by members of the Broker@Cloud consortium.  Papers were accepted both from within and outside the consortium, giving a combination of broad overview and technical insights into the kinds of mechanisms being devised for future Cloud service brokerage.

Six papers were chosen for the workshop's post-proceedings, which were assembled and edited during February 2014 by the workshop co-chairs, Anthony Simons, Gregoris Mentzas and Iraklis Paraskakis.  The proceedings will be published together with the other ICSOC workshop proceedings and the PhD student symposium, in a single volume by Springer Verlag.  The contents of the CSB-2013 section includes the following papers:
  • Gregoris Mentzas, Anthony J H Simons and Iraklis Paraskakis:  Cloud Service Brokerage - 2013: Methods and Mechanisms.
  • Frank Fowley, Claus Pahl and Li Zhang:  A Comparison Framework and Review of Service Brokerage Solutions for Cloud Architectures.
  • Dimitrios Kourtesis, Konstantinos Bratanis, Andreas Friesen, Yiannis Verginadis, Anthony J H Simons, Alessandro Rossini, Antonia Schwichtenbach and Panagiotis Gouvas:  Brokerage for Quality Assurance and Optimisation of Cloud Services: an Analysis of Key Requirements.
  • Yucong Duan, Keman Huang, Ajay Kattepur and Wencai Du:  Towards Value-Driven Business Modelling Based on Service Brokerage.
  • Konstantinos Bratanis and Dimitrios Kourtesis:  Introducing Policy-driven Governance and Service-level Failure Mitigation in Cloud Service Brokers: Challenges Ahead.
  • Mariam Kiran, Andreas Friesen, Anthony J  H Simons and Wolfgang K R Schwach:  Model-Based Testing in Cloud Brokerage Scenarios.
  • Yucong Duan, Yongshi Wang, Jinpeng Wei, Ajay Kattepur and Wencai Du:  Value-Added Modelling and Analysis in Service Value Brokerage.
We look forward to the release of this volume in the near future!

Arriving at the ICSOC welcome meeting   ICSOC Welcome Meeting