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Big Data meets Cloud at SINTEF

posted Nov 25, 2015, 3:44 AM by Anthony Simons
SINTEF hosted a meeting titled Big Data meets Cloud on 20 October 2015, in Oslo.  This was designed to inform and update industry people about the advancing state-of-the-art in Cloud Computing.  A keynote talk was given by Frode Finnes Larsen from EVRY, the largest IT company in Norway, titled Big Data and Cloud EVRYwhere (apologies for the pun).  The information day lasted from 10.30 until 14.30, during which time several SINTEF projects presented their work related to the Big Data and Cloud Computing areas.  This included a presentation by Brice Morin of SINTEF on Self-adaptive Multi-cloud Applications, talking to the theme of adaptation, which is part of the response to failure prevention and recovery.