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D40.1 Cloud service governance and quality control components of brokerage framework


This Broker@Cloud deliverable sets out to describe a set of prototype implementations that pertain to cloud service governance and quality control. More specifically:

i.) it presents a prototype mechanism for performing model-based testing of services for conformance with their expected behaviour;

ii.) it presents an ontology-driven software prototype capable of checking the completeness and compliance of service descriptions with respect to pre-specified policies concerning the technical and business aspects of service delivery.

These prototypes crucially formulate implementations of the relevant reference processes identified in Deliverable 30.1, and hence of the capabilities that these processes entail. Furthermore, the deliverable presents prototype implementations of:

i.) a governance registry system that provides service lifecycle management features;

ii.) an enterprise Publish/subscribe system for transporting service-related artefacts to the various components of the Broker@Cloud framework.

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