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D30.4 Brokerage Framework Architecture, Interfaces and Methodology

This Broker@Cloud deliverable describes the final consolidated results of the WP30 after the end of the second research cycle comprising the final piloting phase and incorporating the results of the validation and lessons learned from the experiments on the two cloud pilot platforms. The following kinds of change requests have been identified during the integration of the framework with the
pilot platforms and during the evaluation activities in the final piloting phase:
  • Additional functional requirements from the pilot platforms as well as from the framework mechanisms 
  • Improvement potential of the architecture, models, and interfaces of the framework identified during practical integration activities and usage experience with the prototypes 
This resulted in many updates, changes but also new extensions and tools applied to the framework. Therefore, this deliverable summarizes and updates the results
and tools previously reported in:
  • D30.1: Architecture of Brokerage Framework 
  • D30.2: Methods and tools for brokerage-enabling description of enterprise cloud services 
  • D30.3: Specification of interfaces for enabling brokerage in enterprise cloud service delivery platforms 
The models, specifications, interfaces and methodology described in this deliverable build the final baseline for future use of the brokerage framework from the project perspective.