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D30.1 Conceptual Architecture of Cloud Brokerage Framework

This Broker@Cloud deliverable describes a design of a conceptual architecture for the enterprise Cloud Brokerage Framework based on the requirements collected and reported in Deliverable 20.3. The design presents an abstract technical reference architecture - a bird’s eye view – of a Cloud Service Brokerage ecosystem, one which abides by a set of clearly-stated architectural principles. The reference processes of this architecture, and specifically the processes that contribute to the provision of continuous quality assurance and optimization, are grounded to the various phases of a service lifecycle. Each reference process is crucially associated with those capabilities from D20.3 which it is designed to entail. Finally, the methodologies and mechanisms that will be used for refining the reference processes, hence materializing the corresponding capabilities, are presented. The components that comprise these mechanisms are described at the level of black boxes, considering only their inputs, outputs, and mutual interrelations. 

Andreas Friesen,
Feb 21, 2014, 4:46 AM