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D20.1 State of the art and research baseline

This report defines the concept of a Cloud Service Broker and the salient characteristics of this intermediary actor adding value to cloud services by leveraging skills and capabilities from the three domains of software development, consulting, and execution infrastructure. The Broker@Cloud taxonomy of Cloud Service Brokerage capabilities, defines the two orthogonal dimensions of the cloud brokerage space, cloud service type and brokerage capabilities type, and classifies 30 current providers and enablers in this space. The survey confirms that the focal points of Broker@Cloud, the quality assurance and optimisation, are among the least supported forms of cloud service brokerage available today.

The state of the art of enabling technologies for continuous quality assurance and optimisation in cloud service brokers is then presented and discussed. This leads to the identification of the research baseline for Broker@Cloud, and shows of how the project’s innovation will advance beyond the current state of the art, regarding the following research areas:

  • Methods and Tools for Cloud Service Description;
  • Methods and Mechanisms for Cloud Service Governance and Quality Control;
  • Methods and Mechanisms for Cloud Service Failure Prevention and Recovery;
  • Methods and Mechanisms for Optimisation of Cloud Services

Anthony Simons,
Mar 4, 2014, 5:01 AM