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SingularLogic is currently the leading Software and Integrated IT Solutions Group in Greece and one of the leading Business Application vendors in the Balkan market. With a full understanding of the entire range of market requirements, Singular Logic offers advanced software solutions as well as full integrated solutions, regardless of customer size, investing capacity and internal infrastructure. This is based on experience, technological know-how and the existence of specialized Singular Logic solutions and products as well as on an array of companies that collaborate with the Group. Thus, Singular Logic’s products and services are currently used by thousands of companies and organizations belonging to the private or public sector throughout Greece and Balkans, which are served by a flexible and efficient support system operated by Singular Logic and its business partners. The company boasts the largest, most qualitative, and most dedicated nation-wide network of authorized partners, numbering more than 500 partners all over Greece. Singular Logic delivers business applications targeting the domains of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),  Customers Relationship Management (CRM), Retail Systems, Warehouse Management, etc.

SingularLogic provides its expertise in software and integrated IT solutions, as well as its experience from its participation in the Cloud4SOA FP7 project and hence will contribute in the as-is-analysis of pilot cloud platforms and collect requirements for quality assurance and optimization in cloud brokerage. Moreover, SingularLogic wishes to extends its work done in Cloud4SOA concerning the contribution to the definition of interfaces for enabling brokerage in cloud platforms.  As an industrial partner, SingularLogic will contribute in the integration of the brokerage framework in pilot Cloud platforms  and lead the definition and development of the use cases.
The key personnel which are involved in the project are Mr Stelios Pantelopoulos and Dr Panagiotis Gouvas. Mr. Stelios Pantelopoulos is currently involved in the management of European and National R&D projects. He has over ten years of experience in participating in the implementation of IT projects and over six years of experience in managing multi-people teams. E-Business platforms, Interoperability frameworks, Business Software Applications Development, Multimedia Database Applications, Electronic Catalogues, Software Tools for Archaeologists, etc, is an indication of the IT projects that he was involved. Moreover, Dr  Panagiotis Gouvas will play a significant role in the project. Dr Panagiotis Gouvas received his undergraduate degree from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the National Technical University of Athens at 2004.His Diploma Thesis was in the area of Mobile and Personal Communications (Location Based Services in Wireless LANs). Soon after he conducted research related to peer-to-peer applications in mesh networks. From 2010 he joined the R&D department of SingularLogic. In the frame of his career , he participated as a software developer and architect in many IT projects including Schengen II implementation(Greek endpoint), TaxisNet (Greek Taxation Information System), Secure Document Exchange for CIEC etc. Dr Gouvas participates in many standarization activities in the area of Future Internet Architectures. He has published more than 25 papers in International Journals and Conferences.