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CAS Software AG

“Well Informed. Always and Everywhere.“ This motto reflects the philosophy of CAS Software AG. The company was founded in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1986. CAS Software AG is the leading expert for customer relationship management (CRM) in the SME sector. CAS Software maintains an elaborated partner model in order to address a wide variety of different customer needs and cover a large geographical area. CAS has an excellent working relationship with various Universities and research centres, including the Universities of Karlsruhe, of Berlin, Manheim, Stuttgart, Aachen, Kaiserslautern and various Fraunhofer Institutes, ZGDV, FZI and large number of international research facilities etc. For its innovative product range and its commitment in the SME sector, the company has received many prizes, among those the "CRM Award" and the "European IT Prize" and "Innovator of the year".

CAS will focus on the integration work of the Broker@Cloud Framework into their platform CAS Open. We will also be responsible for the definition of the case study on the CAS Open cloud platform. In addition, CAS will also contribute in the brokerage framework specification and to the exploitation of Broker@Cloud results.